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Bryon Salaz - Redband Fishing on the Lower Deschutes

  • Thu, March 17, 2022
  • 6:30 AM
  • Via Zoom

Bryon Salaz, a native central Oregonian and long-time guide, will discuss redband trout fishing on the lower Deschutes River with the Sunriver Anglers at their March 17th meeting.  As most local anglers are aware, the lower Deschutes is “big water” and demands particular tactics or techniques to produce results.  Bryon will cover the many challenges trout enthusiasts would encounter on the river.  These include using the appropriate gear, reading the water, understanding the unique behaviors/ habits of Deschutes redband trout and handling the steep water around deep gravel bars and congested junctions in the river.

Bryon is quick to point out anglers need not be intimidated by these challenges nor feel the river is too big to wade.  He plans to identify numerous stretches or segments of the river where access lends itself to wading or casting from the bank.  He will also spend time discussing the specifics of the prevalent hatches of interest on the river such as the Caddis, Stonefly, Green Drake and Pale Morning Dun.  Of course, river float trips are a key way to experience the Lower Deschutes and Bryon, who maintains a Bureau of Land Management special use guide permit, will cover available options, permit requirements and timing.  In his business, he emphasizes overnight, multi-day camping trips which cover longer reaches of the river as the most complete river adventure.  These longer trips afford exposure to multiple conditions and use of varied techniques, like dry fly, nymphing, streamers, and the new, in-vogue Euro-nymphing. 

As a guide for Cascade Outfitters over the past 15 years, Bryon has led many outings to other, productive Oregon rivers such as the Williamson, the Rogue and certain Coastal waters in search of fall steelhead runs.  His website is It provides an excellent overview of his experience, interests and availability.  The Sunriver Angler meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, specifically, March 17. 2022 at 7:00 p.m.  Those interested in attending this Zoom meeting should contact Rynie Miyashiro at for the required permissions and meeting specifications.

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